As part of the interview, you were told about information we would like to add from administrative records held by government departments and agencies. We would like to add information from health, education and social care records for you and your child.

The information in these records is more detailed than the information we are able to collect from you in the interview. It means we do not have to ask you so many questions about your child and you. Adding information from administrative records helps us build a fuller picture of family life and how the different things parents have experienced can influence children’s development in the early years. It makes the study even more useful for researchers and policymakers, who will use this information to improve public services for everyone.

The information we would like to add relates to your and your baby’s past, present, and future circumstances. As this study aims to follow children over time, we would like to add information from your baby’s and your records on an ongoing basis for the duration of the study. This includes if you decide not to take part in future interviews or if we lose contact with you. You can change your permissions at any time, without giving a reason. 

You can use the form below to change your permissions. Each parent/legal guardian must fill out a separate form for themselves.

For your records, you will receive a copy of this form by email as confirmation of your choices